Non-Potable Water Systems

Harvested rainwater is a very clean and healthy source of water for many non-potable uses like outdoor irrigation, toilet flushing, laundry, cooling tower water and other outdoor needs. Even though rainwater is very clean, it will pick-up debris from the roof, gutters and down spouts. Most of this debris is easiest to remove before storing the water in the pillow.

The first step to maintaining the high quality of rainwater is to pre-filter the water prior to storage. Down spout filters or in ground filters are typically used. The filter must be able to process the rainwater quickly but effectively during a heavy rain event. A first flush diverter is also an important component of pre-filtration as it separates the first water to be harvested from the water that will be stored. This first flush of water has been proven to contain the most debris and a first flush diverter is very effective means of preventing debris from entering your pillow. The first flush is optional but is becoming more popular with the demand for cleaner water.

The filtration and treatment of non-potable rainwater can vary depending on the quality of water required. For instance, drip irrigation will require secondary filtration to prevent clogging of the drip emitters viagra hinta. Toilet flushing might require chlorine injection depending on the local municipality code.

Pumps are sized to accommodate the water flow or pressure needed to supply the required system application.

Minimum requirements for Non-Potable systems:

Rainwater used for outdoor irrigation

Down spout filter
Secondary debris filter to prevent cloggin

Rainwater used for toilet flushing or Laundry

Down spout filter
First flush diverter
Debris filtration
Pillow aeration
Chlorine Injection
Pressure tank

Pump and clorine tank combination for toilet flushing

rollerpump smchlorine tank sm

Gwinnett Tech sm
Pillow for Irrigation

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