Techincal Data Sheet


NSF 61 and FDA Compliant

Reinforced Polymer alloy (polyester scrim coated on both sides with PVC polymer)

Total Coated Fabric weight 30 oz sq yard

Low Temperature – 30 F

High Temperature +160

Radio frequency welded seams


Standard: 1 1/2" thru 3"

4" thru 6" Available Upon Request

Aluminum, Stainless steel, Polypropylene with Camlock, Storz or threaded fittings to accommodate hoses

Ball Valves, Pressure Relief Vents and Caps


Ports for Periodic Cleaning and Inspections

Repair Kits

Operational Spare Parts

Minimum Standards for Rainwater Pillow Manufacturing and Installation


NSF 61 Approved for Potable Water: Regardless of Application

Fittings, Bolt on FPT


Radio Frequency Welding

Seam overlap length based on pillow size

All fitting locations re-enforced

Pillow vent centered on top           

System Design:

Free Standing Pillow:

All fitting location on pillow must move freely up and down and connected with a length of flexible hose

Overflow/vent/aeration: pipe size on pillow is 2”FPT, additional overflow can be added to in-let plumbing. Can all be installed to center top FPT

Vent must be centered on top

Over flow out-let must be gravity drained and no more than 1’ above full height of pillow

Overflow should not drain into a sump-pump

Overflow water must drain freely without causing water problems

Every rainwater harvesting system must include precautions for water flow in the event of a leak.


Pillow Area Preparation:

Remove any sharp objects from floor/sides/overhead

Slope no more than 5” for each 10’ length

Area under pillow should be smooth

Place pillow on tarp or 6 mil. plastic

When moving pillow prevent abrasion, Do Not Drag!

Beware of all sharp objects and tools during installation

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