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Collect rainwater in a “pillow” instead of barrels

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We just got some rainwater collection barrels for our house a few weeks ago. A great local company called Catch the Rain brought them right to us. We have a decent little garden plot so I am pretty excited about catching and storing rainwater to keep it hydrated.

But when I saw the Rainwater Pillow, I knew what my next rain storage device would be. The pillow is basically a big bladder made of reinforced polymer alloy. You place it in a crawl space, under a deck or anywhere else that it will fit. Then, when it rains, the pillow can hold 1,000 gallons or more if you buy a larger one.

A 1,000 square foot roof, properly set up with gutters and such, can collect 600 gallons of water from a 1 inch rainfall. So, if you have space for a rainwater pillow you can really maximize your rainwater collection. It also has a remote controlled pump inside that will push the water out through a regular garden hose so it is easy to use on the garden or lawn.

If you decide to purchase a rainwater pillow or any other environmentally friendly type of home improvement check for local, state and federal tax breaks. I didn’t have to pay sales tax on my rainwater harvesting barrels. It didn’t save me a ton of money, but, it was nice to save a little.

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